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Selling a used car, truck or SUV in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut? Get a FREE price quote simply by filling out our simple "My Vehicle for Sale Information" form and we will do all the work. In a short while we will contact you with a reasonable price that you can get for your car, truck, van or SUV. When you agree to the sale price, we can make arrangements for the vehicle transfer and give you cash or a certified bank check.


We do collect a small fee for our services, Fee's are no more than 500 dollars per car.

This fee will be paid directly from our vendor's off the final price of your car.


What kind of vehicles are we looking for?

. All make and models welcome under 100,000 miles!   From Ford's to Ferrari's.

We pride ourselves in prompt and fair deals with our clients and we look forward to helping you GET CASH FAST!


I Get It Sold, LLC is the perfect name for Evan's business. I sold my 2007 Subaru through his company. It was quick, easy and painless. Evan is a warm and friendly guy who took care of all the details. I was 100% happy and satisfied with the entire process. I sold my car "as is" which took the headache and expense out of getting it fixed. I had a price in mind and that's exactly what I received. I would recommend I Get It Sold to anyone who wants to sell their car quickly and get a great price.

- Donna Cohen


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